Client and Partners

Zero Point Robotics
Right from it’s inception, ZeroPoint’s focus has been on developing a cost-effective, robust and quality product. The company started out with the idea of unlocking the true potential of Industry 4.0 through the technology we design and develop in-house and exploring the possibilities of human-robot collaboration.
VNH Naidu Hall
Simplicity is one word that best defines the Naidu family. Promoters of the well known store in Chennai – Naidu Hall, the family has remained stuck to its core value of remaining humble in spite of having a strong patronage from its loyal customer base over more than seven decades.
Sareen Sports
Sareen Sports is the place where Tradition meets Technology, Leadership through Quality is our motto and that’s why we are called “SS means Cricket”.
Pondicherry Kabaddi Association
Union Territory of Pondicherry Kabaddi Association, founded in 1973, promotes and develops the sport of Kabaddi in the region.
Paralympic Committee of India is a non-partisan, non-profit organisation. Dedicated for the development and upliftment of Physically Challenged Sports, Athletes with mobility disabilities, Amputations, Blindness & Cerebral Palsy.
Karnataka State Football Association governs the highest level of organised football in the state of Karnataka from the time when the state was then called Mysore. Our mission is to ensure that the ‘beautiful game’ is played throughout the state and to oversee the development of teams and clubs by providing the necessary in the spirt of the game.
Keeping up with the arrival of new trends and fashion, we offer a bouquet of styles and colors from everyday lingerie, to sporty cuts and fashionable designs, in a range of aesthetic and vibrant colors.
Fast _ Up
Fast&Up India is an idea born out of passion to offer a product that caters all the nutritional needs of athletes. We have one core aim – Fuel the sport of the Indian athlete and we have been doing that since our inception in the year 2015.
Exdion is the leading transformation company that helps insurance agencies digitally transform to be future ready.
Ethicus is India’s first ‘Farm to Fashion Organic & Sustainable Fashion Brand’. They grow their own Organic Cotton which is branded as ‘Eco-Logic Cotton’. This enables them to source the best long & extra long staple cotton that is used across all their products.
digital foundry ventures
Sports and entertainment channels delivering new monetization opportunities for rights holders. Fan engagement interface on web 3.0 and Blockchain.